Readers for Information Grant Rubric

LBSS Endowment Fund Read for Information Grant Rubric

Per pupil expenditure will be calculated with a formula that is built in to award an extra point or points based on school budgets and the number of students served by the grant.

On a scale of 0 to 10 for each area (maximum score of 30), rate the essay questions on the following:

  • Did they give an overview of their project (planned activities)? Did they address both the content area(s) and the Common Core Standards? Did they acknowledge any use of I-SAIL?
  • Can you see evidence of collaboration and are strategies for collaboration well defined? Evidence of this could be lesson planning, curriculum integration, and the use of selection tools.
  • Are there strategies for evaluation? Evidence of these could be formal or informal assessment such as anecdotes, circulation statistics, observations, and exit interviews.
Date Modified: 5/20/18